Dar Sahn: Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, chairman of the Guardian Council, recently stated that the council has a network of hundreds of thousands observers in Iran who will closely follow election-related issues.

Jannati claimed that there are plans to hijack the parliament in order to seize power, saying that “the Guardian Council will not let them achieve this goal.”

Jannati appears to be revealing his plans in regard of upcoming 10th Parliamentary and 5th Assembly of Experts elections. In a meeting called “3000-Observers of the Guardian Council” Mr. Jannati expressed regret that candidates for parliament were able to so easily participate in elections. He did not specify which policy of the parliament he was referring to that provided such “easy access” to candidates, adding “The Guardian Council will keep the election wholesome and will not let unqualified candidates participate.”

Those who are critical in regard of election system in Iran oppose the oversight of the Guardian Council when it comes to qualifying candidates. They believe that in its supervisory role, the council should not align itself with any factions or influence the election process. Mehdi Karroubi, who has been under house arrest since shortly after the flawed 2009 elections in Iran, believes that the Guardian Council is not a neutral supervisor, but plays an active role in keeping one group in power. Jannati strongly denies such claims but his recent comments seem to show otherwise.

In his May 25th speech in Tehran, Jannati praised the current structure of the Council of Experts, yet added: “Some are trying to castrate the council’s power and make their horrible plans happen.”

Jannati also mentioned that since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the United States has been attempting to lead the country into chaos by creating tensions among political groups. “Americans are going to overthrow the Islamic government and replace it with another system. They planned the 1999 unrest in Iran for years and followed that up in 2009 as well. Based on their experiences in velvet revolutions they tried to provoke on in our land too. Because of Ayatollah Khameneo’s leadership and God’s help we could keep our revolution alive,” Jannati added.

This post was translated from the original Persian