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At the end of February 2016, Iranians went to the polls to vote in a new parliament and Assembly of Experts. There were not enough Reformist candidates approved to stand in the elections for the majority to become Reformist.

At the last minute, Reformists announced a list of candidates. That list included all the Reformists running, plus members of other parties that might be more receptive to Reformist policies. Then again they might not. The fact is, the cobbled together list provided many in Iran with an opportunity to express themselves through voting. As one Iran analyst told Dar Sahn, “Voting is a way for people to show that the social movement in Iran is still alive.”

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In fewer than 10 months one of the most sensitive elections will take place in Iran: an election which can have a major effect on the situation there. On February 25, 2016, the people of Iran will vote for representatives of the Islamic Parliament (Majlis) as well as the members of the Assembly of Experts.

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